All About Babies ‘n Beaches takes pride in the products we rent. We keep our equipment maintained, clean and safe.

Renter is to ensure all equipment was delivered per your request and inspected within 24 hours. All
equipment will be deemed correct and in good working condition if All About Babies ‘n Beaches is not notified within 24 hours.
Renter accepts and hires the equipment on an as is basis. Renter fully understands the proper operation and use of the equipment.
Renter is renting at their own risk. Once you have taken possession of the equipment it becomes your job to keep your child safe. Call for any instructions on the equipment or look up instructions on the web.  Renter understands they are liable for equipment once it is moved.

Renter agrees to return equipment in as good a condition as when received.
Renter shall be liable for any loss, theft, damage, missing parts, permanent staining or destruction of the rented equipment. In the event the rented equipment is lost or damaged while in possession of Renter, All About Babies ‘n Beaches will charge the credit card on file for full replacement value, shopping time and travel, in addition to any charges incurred for the rental of the equipment. Teeth marks are considered damage.
Renter will immediately discontinue use of equipment should it at any time become unsafe or in a state of disrepair. An example of this is a child jumping up and down in a crib and breaking the crib floor. Furthermore, the renter will immediately notify All About Babies ‘n Beaches that the equipment is unsafe or in disrepair. Until All About Babies ‘n Beaches has regained possession, the renter agrees to take all necessary steps to prevent injuries to any person and all property from the rental equipment. Items will be replaced immediately as safety is of utmost importance. A delivery charge will apply.

We do not install car seats for liability reason.
We will install baby gates for your convenience and so you are aware of how they operate. We are not responsible for baby gate installation as a housekeeper or property manager could have moved them. It is the Renters responsibility to check the installation and modify for safety is needed. As with any safety equipment. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children.
As a courtesy, will install bed rails if we know the location you would like them installed. If we install the bed rails, it is the Renters obligation to verify the installation and correct if needed. All About Babies is not liable for the installation. Upon delivery, if we do not have access to the beds for the rails, they will be left for the Renter to install. During peak holiday times, rails may not be installed due to time constraints on getting all pickup and deliveries completed.

Please leave all linens on the bed as you depart. We do not want them mixed up with the rental property linens.

Renters are renting at their own risk. Once you have taken possession of the equipment it becomes the renters responsibility to keep your child safe.
Equipment should only be used in accordance to manufactures instructions. All About Babies ‘n Beaches will not be responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly by the use or misuse of any of our rental equipment. You, the Renter, agree to defend, fully indemnify, and hold harmless All About Babies ‘n Beaches from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, causes of action and/or liability, of any kind whatsoever, for damages, losses, costs and/or expenses including legal fees and disbursements arising in connection with this agreement including, without limitation, any and all breaches by the renter or any terms or conditions of this agreement, damages to persons of property, personal injury or death caused by your negligent or willful acts or omissions arising in connection wit this agreement and any claim by a third party against All About Babies ‘n Beaches.

Leave rental equipment in the same condition as your received it. Natural wear and tear from responsible use is expected. Please have all equipment ready for pickup at your checkout time, typically 10 to 12 a.m. If you have a late checkout you must notify All About Babies ‘n Beaches, a ½ day rental fee will apply for late checkouts after 12:00p.m. with a ½ day rental fee. We will breakdown all cribs, Pac ‘n Plays, beds, etc.

Renters will find their equipment at the hotel bell desk. The Bell Desk will deliver the equipment to your room. Renter is responsible to ensure the rental equipment is taken to the bell desk upon departure. Renter is responsible if equipment is lost and will pay full value of any lost equipment. Some hotels will charge for bringing the equipment to your room. Ask, and if no charge for this service is automatic, a tip is customary.

IRON MAN closes the highway from 7:00am to 5:00pm. Alternate routes must be taken. Delivery and
pickups are available upon request and only after 4:30pm until 7:00 with an additional charge of $25. If it cannot be accommodated the pickup or delivery it will happen the previous day or following day.


Pictures shown on the website are only representative of what kind of equipment we supply.   Actual rental may be different color, style, or model but functions as described for the particular item.   You will receive what is available at the time of delivery. 


These are the 2 busiest weeks of the year.   Since most rentals are back to back, delivery may be delayed and not arrive prior to your arrival time.

Once equipment is delivered there are delivered there are no refunds even for early departures.

Renter will be asked to accept both the Policies and Terms & Conditions prior to any order.